Creating Sustainable Value

Creating Sustainable Value

We are a company started by professionals from energy, environment and engineering sector to create sustainable versions of development. 

We deliver scientific recycling solutions towards solid waste management by providing end to end services to our clients.


Our services aims to  contribute in minimizing negative impact from socio environment concern of solid waste management and leverage positive impact by rendering value out of waste to society.  


We position ourselves as integrated solution provider for delivering lasting solutions to the environmental challenges faced by society due to waste disposal and aim to economically link waste reduction with creation of social assets.

Executive Management Team

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

Rohit Sadaphal

Co Founder & Director

Ravindra Desai

Chief Operations Officer


Guiding Force

Pravin Nikam

Advisor - Advocacy & Governance 

Dr. Anil Agnihotri

Senior Advisor - Environment Engineering & Recycling 

Dr. Sanjay Jamkar

Senior Advisor - Concrete Technology & Structural Engineering


Creating Value

Suhail Chaturvedi

CSR & Sustainability Analyst

Rahul Shrikhande

Lead Architect, Sustainable Design