Creating Sustainable Value

Creating Sustainable Value

Special Projects

Driving our Commitment 

Mumbai Recycling and Regeneration - Storm Water Design for Streets and Pedestrian Tracks

The coastal city of Mumbai falls in the region of Western Ghats of India, one of the bio diversity hot spots in world. Mumbai Metropolitan area suffers from urban flooding due to heavy rains pouring from July to October months. The Fact Finding Committee on Mumbai Floods 2006 Disaster had attributed the disaster to destruction of mangroves with dumping of construction and other waste for reclamation and uncontrolled haphazard growth of city. Most of the areas restrain from reaching natural aquifers and streams due to hard paving surfaces, Thus turning water into destructive force.

The project dealt with recycling of construction waste and its utilization to create pervious pavers for recharging aquifers and creating social spaces of interaction. The project chain has been developed in three phases with a multi disciplinary approach towards achieving regeneration objectives. 

The butterfly garden and mango park accommodates the endangered plant species from western ghats of india to demonstrate the interaction and diversity between various eco systems and delivery of ecosystem services such as watershed, maintaining micro climate for regeneration, conservation of species and so on.

The cycling tracks and pedestrian walkways will allow grass to grow in intermediate hollow spaces and pervious pavers will allow storm water to recharge the ground acquifiers.

Urban Symbiosis Approach for Waste Recovery Projects at East Delhi Municipal Corporation: Integrated Landfill Gas Recycling

This project provided an innovative approach linked with circular economy to deliver a sustainable solution to Municipal Corporation for waste mitigation, through transformation of the waste output as a resource into another end product. The symbiosis model proposed will contribute in minimizing negative impact from socio-environment concern of solid waste management and leverage positive impact by rendering value out of waste to society.

Design and Techno Commercial Feasibility Study for Setting up Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Plant in Mumbai Metropolitan Region

A complete turnkey based EPC design for setting up a construction and demolition waste processing plant in Mumbai along with Technical and Commercial Feasibility.

Technical and Financial Feasibility of Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Plant in Pune

Technical and Financial Feasibility of Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Plant in Pune

Smart Village Cluster Development

This ongoing project focusses on provision of urban amenities to rural areas. The unique methodology adopted by our team helps villages to devise a viable model of integrated and inclusive village development.

Design, Development and Formulation of Real Time Monitoring Systems for Tracking Project Progress and Resource Monitoring at Construction Sites

Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) is a technology platform, where systems are automated to analyse and monitor the resources utilization to maximize the results through optimized project performance review at a real time. This system is based on autonomic cloud computing, It provides an integrated tool which enhances data communication process and analyzes data for improvement in current business bottomline.

The systems developed under this platform are meant for construction and engineering industry to forecast and support decision making of managers. Entire project is step wise approach process, to make the systems compatible for a layman to operate. 

Bio Mimic Nature Homes: A Body Rejuvenation & Soul Regeneration Center in Western Ghats of Kokan Region in Maharashtra

Role: Concept to Commission Execution 

Sawarde Rejuvenation and Recreation center is a unique project amidst nature and along with inhabitancy of local climate. The project features recreation spaces where individuals along with their group engage with natives in exploratory activities to relieve self from regular chores and chaos of human life. The project is located in Kokan Region along the Western Ghats at a place popularly known as Sawarde for its rich cultural and spiritual heritage.